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How to get a Commercial Driver’s License – Federal Requirements

The minimum federal standards for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) include the passing of both knowledge and skills tests. CDL applicants must be 21 years of age to drive interstate, but anyone between 18 and 21 can obtain a restricted CDL to drive intrastate only. A commercial driver’s license is required to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), which is defined as:

Knowledge Tests

The knowledge tests that you will have to take depend on the class of CDL (A or B) and the endorsements required for the type of driving you are looking to perform. The commercial driver’s license knowledge tests include:

Skills Test

Once you pass the required knowledge test(s), you can then take the commercial driver’s license skills tests. The three general skills that you will be tested on are:

Medical Requirements

At the time of application for a CDL, applicants must present a valid federal medical card which can be obtained by meeting the federal medical standards.

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